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What is Miners Field
Dive into a captivating mining simulation game where you're the boss of your very own virtual mining adventure! Build your mining space by placing racks and choosing from an array of various miners, each with its own special properties. Use the in-game currency to buy miners, boosting your mining power and efficiency.
Earn extra power for your mining capability buying Boosters, Maintenance & Fuel. have a blast deciding how to split your mining power with XKR Tokens. More cryptocurrency Added soon. It's your chance to experience the excitement of the crypto mining world in a super fun and engaging way! Let’s learn more in details about each part of Miners Field!
It is started with the space
Your main space
All the magic happens here.
All you need is...
Your inventory
It includes miners and racks you bought from the in-game Market or obtained during different in-game activities.
Each miner has it’s own characteristics, such as:
Miner size. Miners can be of different sizes: Medium and Large. It impacts the place where you may place it.
Miner power. The main thing! More your miner generates power, more crypto you mine.
Miner collection. Depending on events there are new collections added. Stay tuned!
Miner rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. See rare items - catch them.
Miner price. You can buy from 1 to 10 miners of one type at a time.
There are two types of racks depending on their sizes: medium with 3 shelves and big with 4 shelves. Miners can be placed only on racks.