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Miners Field
Buy & Gain Power. Select your Mining Rig. Earn XKR.
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Build your own
Mining Empire.
Miners Field is a mining simulator game where you - a Miner - within organizing your space rig, strategical mining operation and management of your power capability can mine cryptocurrencies and earn money.
Buy your perfect rig for mining
Big variety of miners
Play games to increase power
Mine XKR Token (More cryptocurrencies add soon)
Space for your Mining Rigs
Start Mining Now
You have your own space to organize with miners and racks from market. More miners = More Power.

Keep in mind: new Coins are coming, don’t miss them to upgrade your space design.
Increase your Mining Power
Buy Boosters
To gain more power and mine more XKR, use miners from the Market. Each miner has its collection, rarity, size and power it produces. Miners impact your total power and so mining capability. To place your miners you need racks. Racks are also available in the Market in different sizes.
How do I earn money?
Money earning
So you have your Miner Rig organized, racks and miners bought and power allocated. All users' power is accumulated in your power according to the cryptocurrencies: XKR ( More will be added soon). Depending on the power contribution percentage users gain an appropriate percentage of coming mined blocks reward.

Racks and miners, and Boosters are a good combination for distributing more power and earning more. A random amount of XKR is burned once a week.
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